The sense of interior space is really important to me. The interior is not only the inside, but also the internal. My paintings reflect the balance of those notions in a number of ways.   




If you look closely at the surface of my paintings, you can see that there are layers and layers of paint. After I initially prepare the surface of the canvas or wood panel, I begin the drawing process. When that is complete I begin to fill in the tones of color. The layering is done with brushes, palette knives, rubbing with cloths, and almost always wet into dry paint. The subtlety of the palette is achieved as the different layers of under painting begin to read through the surface. It creates a depth all its own and defines the surface in unique ways.



Drums and Furniture


Before I painted the drums I had been working on a series of furniture portraits. In that series of paintings there were many straight lines. In an attempt to expand my “line vocabulary” I decided that I wanted to explore more rounded, curvy shapes. Hence, the drums. I thought these particular vintage drum kits were just beautiful and they gave me all the needed formal elements to make an interesting statement. The drums provided the opportunity to stretch the conceptual aspect of my work, not only painting a picture of a drum kit, but the idea of what a drum is and its implicit and universal association with a human making a sound.


I am represented in the UK and Europe by ArtDog London.